Cellulite is an age-old complaint of women; more than 85 percent show mild tosevere degrees of cellulite. But it is especially problematic when summer shortsand bathing suits make their appearance. Over the years I’ve looked into anumber of modalities that have promised to erase those uneven and lumpy cottagecheese thighs, but they all failed to meet my standards, and so I could offer noviable solution.

Over the past year you may recall my mentioning a minimally invasive laserprocedure called Cellulaze™ that, I believe, lives up to its hype, and that iswhy I’ve incorporated it into my practice at the Robert Zubowski MD Center forPlastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Paramus, NJ.  It’s a simple concept.Cellulaze attacks cellulite deep beneath the layers of your skin to producelonger lasting results without the inconvenience of regularly repeatedtreatments. Patients who have undergone a usually required two hour session areenthusiastic about the results. You may feel as if you’ve worked out hard at thegym, meaning that you might feel a bit achy, but that’s a fleeting experiencethat soon dissipates.

One caution: Cellulaze is not for every woman who exhibits cellulite. But forthose who are near their target weight with thighs that have mild to moderatecellulite it seems to be ideal.  We’re offering it at the Robert Zubowski MDCenter for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in our on-premises SurgiCenter,while you are under local anesthesia. Afterwards, you will need to adjust yourschedule by taking a few days off from your regular activities.

If you’d like to find out whether Cellulaze might provide you with a long-termsolution to your cellulite concerns, please contact our office manager. She willbe glad to set up your consultation or to provide you with more information.