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Personal Training

Many patients seek cosmetic surgery for benefits that go beyond just surface aesthetics like the desire to improve their overall health, maintain leaner bodies, and promote an inner calmness. Because of this, we encourage patients to begin a dedicated fitness regimen as soon as they contemplate plastic surgery. Dr. Zubowski advocates a disciplined program called the Triangle of Good Health, which emphasizes regular exercise, healthy diet, and good sleeping habits.

Jay Lally and Lorinda Sullivan are part of a fitness-training group that specializes in showing you how to realize optimal core results and functional fitness, and they developed a program based on the Triangle of Good Health.

Upon signing up for their program, you’ll have an initial consultation to establish a set of personal goals, develop a customized plan. You’ll learn exercises that strengthen and tone your core, as well as work on other weak spots, all in the comfort of your own home. If weight loss is your goal, your training will include what you need to do to help speed your metabolism. Strength, flexibility and cardio training are part of every program.

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