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Breast Reconstruction

New Jersey Breast Reconstruction Surgery
Paramus Location in Bergen County, NJ


Breast reconstruction surgery is designed to restore the shape and appearance of breasts that are deformed or lost due to mastectomy, trauma, or birth defects. Our goal is to restore your sense of feeling whole by fashioning an aesthetically appealing breast in shape, softness and symmetry.

If you are a breast cancer survivor who has undergone a mastectomy, reconstructive breast surgery can restore the natural appearance of your breast. Losing a breast is demoralizing. Fortunately, board certified New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr. Zubowski understands the difficulties faced by patients considering breast reconstruction after mastectomy. Dr. Zubowski will discuss with you the many techniques and products available and how best to achieve the results that you want. The options presented will vary based on your individual anatomy, personal needs and medical history. Ordinarily, most women visiting our Bergen County NJ center qualify as candidates for breast reconstruction after cancer. Typically, the discussion revolves around which techniques are best for you and how to best combine mastectomy reconstruction with your overall cancer treatment plan.


Dr. Zubowski offers several options for reconstructive breast surgery treatment, including the innovative TRAM flap breast reconstruction surgery. The flap breast reconstruction surgery involves creating a flap in your lower abdomen, removing excess fat and skin, and using it to create a new breast mound. While this method does require a hospital stay and about a six week recovery time in many cases, your results will look and feel more natural than breast implants since you are using your own body tissue. New cohesive silicone gel breast implants can also offer patients natural results with less recovery time.

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Most group insurance plans that cover mastectomies are required by federal law to also cover all or part of the cost of breast reconstruction at any time after the removal of your breast tissue, including surgery to another breast for symmetry if needed. We recommend you verify your eligibility for these payments prior to booking surgery.

Our patient support staff is well experienced in working with all major insurers. We will help you work through the details of your individual insurance plan to help keep your out of pocket expenses to a minimum. If you have received a denial of coverage from your insurer please contact our staff, as these problems are often reversible with the proper documentation.


The cost of your breast reconstruction will be dependent on a one-on-one consultation with Dr Zubowski. During your meeting you have the opportunity to explore your unique situation, condition and desired outcome.

Dr. Zubowski is widely recognized as a top NJ plastic surgeon located in Paramus, New Jersey. He is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has over two decades of surgical experience in cosmetic surgery.

Feeling comfortable and having confidence in your plastic surgeon is as important as the total cost of surgery. Dr. Zubowski is a practitioner who you know you can trust, who will listen to you and with whom you feel safe. Our center places a keen emphasis on your comfort levels with them and our staff.