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Chin Implant Surgery
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A chin implant or chin augmentation is a way to improve chin definition. Changing the size and shape of the chin through chin plastic surgery can improve your overall facial appearance by bringing your facial features into a more harmonious balance. It can also create the illusion of a smaller and more proportionate nose without having to undergo rhinoplasty.

Chin Augmentation: Patient 1 - Before Image Chin Augmentation: Patient 1 - After Image
Chin Augmentation: Patient 2 - Before Image Chin Augmentation: Patient 2 - After Image
Chin Augmentation: Patient 3 - Before Image Chin Augmentation: Patient 3 - After Image
Chin Augmentation: Patient 4 - Before Image Chin Augmentation: Patient 4 - After Image

Chin implants are considered useful for reversing signs of aging around the chin and neck areas that tend to be more pronounced for folks born with a smaller chin. Chin implant surgery may also mitigate the “double chin syndrome” and even eliminate the need for double chin reduction surgery or chin tuck surgery.

Since the chin is such an important facial feature, chin reshaping, it’s been found, often helps people feel younger and stronger. A positive effect on self-confidence is reported as well. The silicone chin implant is easily placed or removed if desired. Cleft chin surgery, and in certain cases, a “custom” chin implant, are available according to patient needs. A square jaw implant is yet another option.

While chin implant surgery can be accomplished using local anesthesia it is typically done under general anesthesia. Recovery time varies but is usually less than major plastic surgery.

Double chin surgery (“chin lift surgery”) and chin tuck surgery are most effective in achieving noticeable improvement.

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Dr. Zubowski is widely recognized as a top NJ plastic surgeon located in Paramus, New Jersey. He is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has over two decades of surgical experience in cosmetic surgery. We are proud to be offering chin augmentation in the Paramus Bergen, County, NJ area, and would be happy to consult with you if you are considering cosmetic plastic surgery.

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