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Getting Fit and Looking Fit Aren’t Always a Match Says Dr. Zubowski

Think that being a gym rat is all it takes to have a great looking body? While that idea may be true for those blessed with ideal genes, for the majority of us, simply sticking to a routine workout is not enough. Just look around the gym. That’s not to discount the value of regular exercise, a vital element in promoting overall fitness.

Nearly every day I see patients who have been working out for years, yet their upper arms are a mass of hanging, flabby excess skin and fat.  As a board certified plastic surgeon with over 25 years of cosmetic rejuvenation experience I’m able to provide them with at least a few viable options. I’m sure you’ve all heard about miracle creams that will firm and tighten. They will not correct looseness of the upper arm. One reason your upper arms displease may be due to genetics. Massive weight loss from rigorous dieting, or more commonly, gastric bypass surgery, is another possibility.

At the Robert Zubowski MD Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Paramus, NJ we believe arm lift surgery, or brachioplasty, is the best solution for those patients with a significant problem. Surgery is performed at SurgiCenter, our state-of-the-art fully accredited operating arena. Some patients with lots of excess skin may also require liposuction, which is performed as an adjunct to their arm lift procedure. Typically, I will make an incision from the elbow to the top of the arm using stitches that are removed about two weeks post-procedurally. Following the incision excess fat can be suctioned via liposuction. This is often the case with bariatric patients. Certain individuals may benefit from liposuction alone. This group presents with an oversized arm that they wish to reduce in size, and skin that is elastic enough to provide good contraction. In either case patients will see the results immediately.

If you’d like further information about your brachioplasty or have other cosmetic rejuvenation wishes, please contact our office manager to set up a consultation.

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