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Dr. Zubowski Says: Liposuction May Be the Right Fit for You

Envy: not necessarily the green-eyed monster when it provides positive motivation. People admiring the trim, shapely body of another person might be inspired to improve their own. Since few of us are born with a perfectly proportioned face and body, perhaps that’s one reason cosmetic surgery is used by so many to meet their aesthetic desires.

We are taught that proper diet and regular exercise are the key factors in maintaining admirable body weight and shape. In terms of maintaining good overall health and muscle tone that is an approach I wholeheartedly endorse. However, we are reminded of its limitations when we see so many regulars at the gym exercising their heart out, dropping a few excess pounds, but not improving their body proportionality.

I believe that whether you are amply endowed or are at your ideal body weight, liposuction performed by an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon can improve upon nature. Today, board-certified plastic surgeons like myself have not one, but several versions of liposuction tools to call upon, depending upon the problem area.

Where can we use liposuction? I’ve performed it on just about every part of the face and body since it was introduced more than a decade ago. It can reduce facial jowling and smooth an aging neck. Oftentimes I will include it as an adjunct to an abdominoplasty or tummy tuck, to provide the finishing touches. Here, the patient realizes the unexpected post-surgical benefit of a smaller waist. For a rare group of women seeking a breast reduction without committing to traditional surgery, we may recommend liposuction to melt away excess fatty tissue. And in some cases, liposuction may help with the male problem of gynecomastia, to sculpt the chest, causing it to appear firmer and more masculine.

If you’d like to find out how we can reshape your face and body, or for any of your other cosmetic rejuvenation inquiries, please contact our office manager who will set up your private consultation with me. In the meantime, you might like to read the following article about liposuction at

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