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Dr. Zubowski Says: Keeping Up Appearances No Joking Matter

I consider cosmetic surgery intervention the most effective and longest lasting route to a more youthful and attractive you. And then there are those folks who are satisfied with the face that they inherited or aged with but are unhappy with its’ surface flaws. In either case, beauty requires a lifelong commitment, and while it may be more desirable when a program is started earlier, it’s never too late to take those first steps towards aesthetic improvements. Most of you know that at the Robert Zubowski MD Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Paramus, NJ, where I am Medical Director, we provide cosmetic surgeries and procedures. But do you know that an equally important part of our practice can be found at our medical grade spa, also under my direction. There, our licensed aesthetician is helping patients achieve their skin care goals. I always remind my facial surgery patients that for long-term maintenance of their results if they are not already on a professionally monitored skincare regime, post-surgery is an excellent time to begin. A good skincare program can smooth wrinkles, retexture skin, remove blackheads, relieve skin ravaged by the sun, and even lessen brown spots. If you haven’t had a skincare analysis done recently, we strongly recommend it. And if you’ve never had it you don’t know what you’re missing. Aided by our state-of-the-art completely non-invasive imaging machine, our licensed aesthetician will identify any skin damage and then work on an in-house and/or home personal treatment program. We’re using a broadband light technology called a photo facial to treat sun damage, brown pigmentation, and redness. You might like to read more about it at:…. Another feature of our medical spa is massage therapy conducted by our licensed massage therapist, who also has been with us for years. I hope I’ve managed to peek your curiosity and you’ll want to see for yourself how easily reachable your aesthetic goals can be with the right expert help. Our office manager can set up your first appointment with either me, our aesthetician, or massage therapist.

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