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Dr. Zubowski Says: Doing Your Homework Applies not Only to Patients

Until recently, when patients asked me what they could do about a double chin, I would tell them a facelift was their best option—and it still is if you want a single procedure that will give you the longest lasting results. Now, however, we have a less invasive solution for some folks with the problem of moderate to significant under chin fat deposits.

An injectable substancecalled Kybella®, recently approved by the FDA, could be ideal for this patient group, who, for a variety of reasons, seek to avoid surgery. Kybella’s active ingredient, deoxycholic acid,works by dissolving fat around the injection site, and its effects can last as long as three years. However, unlike the single session facelift surgery, patients must commit to anywhere from two to six monthly sessions.

Every year, as part of our center’s continuing education program I, and members of my team at the Robert Zubowski MD Center for Plastic Surgery, in Paramus, NJ, attend the Annual Conference of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons(ASPS) where we learn about emerging technologies, techniques and drugs relevant to plastic surgery. The most promising are eventually incorporated into our practicebut only after we are convinced of the modality’s viability. Kybella meets our stringent criteria and will be available at our center in July. Please phone our office at 201-261-7550 to schedule your appointment. I am also delighted to report that after undergoing training in the procedure I will be among the first plastic surgeons in Bergen County to offer Kybella.

Our center will be hosting a complimentary plastic surgery educational seminar Saturday, September 26, 2015, at 10:30 a.m., where you can learn more about Kybella and other cosmetic rejuvenations. Please call our office to reserve your place as attendance is limited. I also would like to call your attention to a New York Times article about Kybella:

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