If you’ve blamed your ancestors for your facial wrinkles, think again. At New Jersey’s Robert Zubowski MD Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery we’ve learned that chronic stress like divorce, or taking antidepressants, even weight change, can also promote aging. A study revealed this in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

The study followed several identical twins who you would expect to age at the same rate. The research showed that a divorced twin looked two years older than his or her married, single or widowed sibling. Other contributors included the use of antidepressants and weight. In those twins less than 40 years old, the heavier twin was perceived to be older. Over 40, the heavier twin looked younger. Researchers noted that losing abnormal amounts of weight not only has unhealthy consequences, but promotes facial aging.

At the Robert Zubowski MD Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, we continually introduce programs to help you look your best. While regular facial massages from our expert massage therapists may not eliminate all your wrinkle producing stressors, it’s a good start. At our Paramus, NJ center we believe a good skincare program, supported by our medical grade skincare products, fosters a refreshed appearance. We also offer Botox®, and the most effective, longer lasting facial fillers for non-invasive facial rejuvenation. And, when surgery is the best solution to reverse your facial aging, we can provide you with a customized plan.

We hold regular complimentary Saturday breakfast seminars, where you can explore options. Pre-registration is essential since attendance is limited. To learn about how we can help you “turn back the hands of time” and for the date and time of our next seminar, please contact Ann Carbone, our Paramus, NJ Practice Coordinator at 201-261-7550.

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From the moment I walked through the door my fears evaporated. Dr. Zubowski is a gifted surgeon and his staff is tops.

– Kerry G.