They say, “It’s all in the eyes,” but I believe it’s also about having a beautiful nose. Studies confirm what everyone instinctively knows: having an aesthetically appealing appearance positively influences not only sexual attraction but hiring decisions and how far we get in life.

A person with a large or unflatteringly shaped nose is oftentimes overly self-conscious. Worse, it’s an aesthetic flaw that can’t be hidden or camouflaged. At the Robert Zubowski MD Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, in Paramus, NJ, we’re helping these individuals to claim their share of a healthier self-esteem by performing one of the most common and straightforward cosmetic surgery procedures, namely rhinoplasty.

Since every person is unique, they deserve to preserve that quality, especially when undergoing a rhinoplasty. In my hands the rhinoplasty takes into consideration the aesthetic goals of the patient, what I can do for him or her based on structural findings, and realistically creating a game plan built on what we can achieve.  During the initial consultation we’ll discuss the procedure in detail to make certain we are both in agreement.

In general, men want a nose that is masculine, yet is in balance with the rest of the face. Typically, women not only want a nose that harmonizes with their other facial features, but depending on the individual, can project gentleness, femininity, or strength of character, for example. These days the stereotypical obviously cosmetically altered perky, upturned nose is thankfully, a vague memory.

Today, rhinoplasty patients receive two benefits:  a more attractive nose plus one that allows them to breathe easier.

Your surgery can take place in SurgiCenter, our fully accredited state-of-the-art in-center surgery suite under general anesthesia administered by our board-certified anesthesiologist. Afterwards, you return home minus the discomfort of nose packing, another outdated standard of care, which significantly added to post-operative pain.

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From the moment I walked through the door my fears evaporated. Dr. Zubowski is a gifted surgeon and his staff is tops.

– Kerry G.