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Post Operative Care: Cheek Augmentation

Post Operative Care: Cheek Augmentation


POSITION: Keeping her head above the level of your heart as much as possible will help you minimize the swelling and thus the discomfort.  You may shower the morning after surgery.

SUTURES: Sutures inside the mouth will dissolve in about two weeks.  You may feel them with your tongue, but it is better to leave them alone.

ICE: Apply crushed ice in a “baggie” intermittently to the jaw areas.


NUMBNESS AND SWELLING: Numbness and some swelling will occur. You won’t look as strange to other people as you think you do.

DISCOMFORT: You may experience discomfort as if you bumped your cheeks. Lie on your stomach. This too, will resolve.

TINGLING: Tingling sensations indicate that the superficial nerves are coming back to life.