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Post Operative Care: Brow Lift

Post Operative Care: Brow Lift


POSITION: Resting with your head elevated being in the upright position will help to decrease swelling during the postoperative period.

DRESSINGS: Initial bulky dressings are usually removed a day or two after surgery. No further dressings are needed.

ACTIVITY: You may be up and around the house as soon as you feel able. Do not do anything that requires straining or heavy exercise for at least 10-14 days.

SUTURES, STAPLES, SCREWS: These are usually removed within 10-14 days.

BATHING, SHOWERING: You may shower or bathe as soon as the dressings are removed. You may use your regular shampoo.

DRIVING: Do not drive during the first 24 hours. You may drive thereafter if you feel completely normal.

ICE PACKS: Crushed ice in a baggy or soft pack of frozen peas helps both swelling and discomfort.

HAIRDRESSER: Avoid coloring your hair for 5-6 weeks postoperatively. You may have your hair washed and combed, but have your hairdresser avoid very hot water, curlers, etc.


SCARS: The small scars will be hidden in the hairline. The scars will become almost unnoticeable within a few months.

FINAL APPEARANCE: You will probably appreciate your final appearance in about one month. The results of a brow lift usually last for many years.

SWELLING: All of the swelling does not usually disappear for 4-6 months.

HAIR LOSS: If any hair loss occurs (which is unlikely), the hair follicles go into a resting phase for 2- 4 months. The hair then begins to grow again in almost all cases.