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Post Operative Care: Arm Lift

Post Operative Care: Arm Lift


SHOWERING AND BATHING: Once Dr. Zubowski removes the dressings, you may wash or shower. Water and cleanliness will help, not harm.

DRESSINGS: The dressings placed at the time of surgery usually stay in place for several days. Dr. Zubowski will change them at the office.

ACTIVITIES: Use your arms carefully and gently until the staff gives you clearance for full activities — usually in 3-4 weeks.

DRIVING: You can probably drive as soon as you are comfortable. Let your body “tell” you when you are ready. If you have questions, ask the staff.


FADING OF SCARS: Initially, the scars will appear red or dark pink, and they will slowly fade over a period of months to a year or more.

WIDENING OF SCARS: Scars will start out very narrow, but may widen over time. Neither you nor Dr. Zubowski can control their eventual width.