Sagging breasts that have lost as much as a cup size, and a tummy too obvious for tucked shirts are common complaints of young mothers. Dr. Zubowski notes that the two problem areas for young women of childbearing age are the breasts and tummy. “Pregnancy and child-bearing exact an aesthetic toll. People mistakenly believe that because of pregnancy and nursing the size of the breasts increase, but for many women, the opposite is true. In addition, abdominal muscles stressed and stretched during pregnancy produce the paunch-like look that causes women much emotional distress.”

Some patients, seeking to regain the breast fullness they had pre-baby, want to improve upon nature, increasing their cup size further. Other patients may require a breast lift as well for more youthful breasts. During your tummy tuck, Dr. Zubowski will repair the separated muscles, remove any excess belly fat, and if needed perform liposuction at the hips and/or waist for better contouring.

A Mommy Makeover holds several advantages for the appropriate candidate. There is only one surgery session, one recovery period, one downtime-about two weeks–and a single operating room fee.

Surgery is performed in our on site fully accredited facility “SurgiCenter”. Within the center is an equally impressive recovery center where you will remain post-operatively, while under the watchful eyes of a registered nurse who is specially trained in caring for plastic surgery patients. Once back home a registered nurse will visit you to answer any questions or concerns and check on your incisions. “We do everything we can to make your entire experience a good one that is not only comfortable, with the least amount of stress, but also lives up to your surgical expectations,” he says.

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From the moment I walked through the door my fears evaporated. Dr. Zubowski is a gifted surgeon and his staff is tops.

– Kerry G.