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Celebrate Men’s Health Month: What You Need to Know About Plastic Surgery

Celebrate Men's Health Month at the Zubowski Center

June is Men’s Health Month, a perfect opportunity to focus on your overall well-being, both inside and out. When it comes to self-care, plastic surgery can play a significant role in enhancing your confidence and helping you achieve your aesthetic goals. But before jumping into surgery, Dr. Zubowski shares what you need to know before scheduling your consultation. 

  1. Liposuction does not replace working out, but it definitely can remove fat from areas that exercise tends to miss, like the chest and love handles. 
  2. Your results from liposuction will be best if you continue your workout routine after the procedure.
  3. Calf implants and pec implants tend to migrate with time and have other problems. It may be better to use liposuction to sculpt the surrounding areas, and make the pecs and calves appear more distinct.
  4. You will have to set aside some time to recover from your procedure. Impatience  leads to complications.
  5. Plastic surgery isn’t just about aesthetics. Procedures like rhinoplasty can correct structural issues that may impede breathing. By addressing functional concerns, you can improve both your appearance and quality of life. 

Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

Choosing a qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon for your surgery is crucial. Take the time to research and schedule consultations to ensure you find a reputable surgeon who understands your goals and can guide you through the process. 

It’s equally important to have realistic expectations for your procedure. Your surgeon will discuss the potential results and the recovery process, including any potential risks or complications. Following post-operative instructions and allowing yourself sufficient time to heal will contribute to a successful outcome. 

Dr. Robert Zubowski will provide you with all the information you need to decide whether plastic surgery is right for you. Take the next step by scheduling your consultation at The Robert Zubowski, MD Center For Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. We look forward to hearing from you and being a part of achieving your aesthetic goals.

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