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Our Aesthetician, Jen’s Take On Vivace Microneedling

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“Vivace microneedling gives you glowing, plumped, tighter looking skin… I have at least 3 treatments done every year.” -Jen

Vivace Microneedling RF is a non-surgical treatment that stimulates your own collagen production without any pain or downtime. Jennifer, our licensed aesthetician since 2004, is trained in microneedling with the RF technique and has been performing Vivace since 2017.

One of the reasons patients who have tried microneedling are so excited about it is that the results are immediate and dramatic. While the results are indeed noticeable right away, you will also see additional improvement over time and with subsequent treatments. Jen recommends 3 treatments, once a month for 3 months to see optimum results.

So what can you expect on the day of your treatment? Jennifer will apply a numbing agent to the area being treated prior to your microneedling session. The treatment itself takes about 45 additional minutes, during which you should experience a light pressure on your treatment area. “We send all of our patients home with a serum of proteins, peptides, and hyaluronic acid along with other personalized skin care recommendations”, Jen adds.

Patients can return to work and other daily activities immediately after treatment, just make sure to stay out of the sun and avoid the gym for a few days. Consider some other options like adding PRP for additional collagen building and Hydrafacial MD to clean and exfoliate.

If you have any more questions, Jen will be happy to answer during your consultation.

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