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Dr. Zubowski Irons Out the Wrinkles on Botox®

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A patient recently asked us how long we’ve been using Botox to treat facial wrinkles and that started us thinking. At the Robert Zubowski MD Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Paramus NJ, we continue to be at the leading edge of incorporating viable and safe new treatments into our practice. Sixteen years ago, when Botox was approved by the FDA for cosmetic surgery we were among the first in NJ to offer it to our patients; we quickly realized how important a tool it would become in controlling facial wrinkles. Since that time it has never failed us.

At the Robert Zubowski MD Center for Plastic Surgery, unlike some other practices where the procedure is done by nurses, we take a “hands on” approach, meaning that only a plastic surgeon will perform your procedure. Botulinum toxin, the active substance in Botox, works by temporarily weakening your wrinkle-causing muscles, so that your skin looks and feels smoother. While Botox is traditionally used to address frown lines at the brow, and crow’s feet around the eyes, we’re successfully utilizing it to treat chronic migraines, stop embarrassing excessive sweating, relieve symptoms of TMJ and Raynaud’s disease, as well as repairing a droopy mouth. In addition, for the right candidates, we’re using it to smooth banding lines around the neck. And as plastic surgeons with intense training and experience in facial structure, we are uniquely qualified to produce Botox results that will refresh your looks in a natural way.

The results of your Botox session will begin to become evident about 10 days after treatment and progress over the next three to six months or longer, when you will need to schedule your next appointment. While the effects of Botox are temporary the good news is that with each subsequent treatment session, your results will last longer between touch-ups.

If you would like to schedule you one-to-one consultation with either of us for a more in-depth discussion of what Botox can do for you, please contact our office manager. In the meantime you might like to review the Botox FAQs.

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