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Individualized Care, Satisfying Results for New Jersey Rhinoplasty Patients

Whether you chose to change something about your eyes, your breasts or your tummy, any plastic surgery can help you gain confidence and improve self esteem. But there’s one procedure above all the others, says Dr. Zubowski, that can truly have life-altering affects—and that’s rhinoplasty.

“The nose is the central part of the face,” explains the Cleveland Clinic-trained doctor who is also board certified in both plastic and general surgery. “If there are any deformities to it, people can become very self-conscious and that definitely impacts one’s life. I see it all the time in our ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures. The ‘before’ picture oftentimes looks like a mug shot or a driver’s license photo. But in the ‘after’ photo, I usually see someone smiling and self confident. In that one photo, you can really see the change in self esteem. It’s a surgery that can very significantly influence one’s life.

“I take a lot of time with my patients discussing with them their expectations and showing them what the surgery will do,” continues Dr. Zubowski. “The nose can be a particularly tricky area to work on. Although a patient may be unhappy with it, it’s something that gives her an identity, so she doesn’t want it changed too drastically. In the past, I found that people would tear a picture out of a magazine and say they wanted this or that celebrity’s nose. But now my patients want their nose, only better. That’s the kind of medical success I strive to give all the people I operate on—artistic results that correct problems yet still look natural.”

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