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Dr. Zubowski Is Strong On Life Changing Weight Reduction Surgery

Those suffering from morbid obesity can have a “new lease on life” through the combination of weight loss surgery (bariatric surgery)  and plastic surgery. If you are among this group you’ve decided on this course of action due to health-threatening issues compounded by years of unsuccessful dieting.

Your bariatric surgeon has most likely advised you that this procedure is the first step towards a healthier, shapelier body, and a longer, better quality of life. The process is then completed with cosmetic improvements such as a tummy tuck, and/or other body lift procedures will probably be suggested because most bariatric patients lose an average of 100 pounds during the first year post-surgery. A consequence of massive weight loss is an abundance of stretched, hanging skin. I like to see these patients when they have nearly reached their weight loss goal and are clearly modifying their lifestyle habits to include healthy meals and a suitable exercise program.

Re-training your mind and body are vital elements in maximizing your cosmetic surgery results going forward. Studies indicate that by developing a workout program consisting of 150 minutes weekly you can achieve your improved lifestyle goals. According to Obesity, the Journal of The Obesity Society, consuming your largest share of calories at breakfast while reserving fewer for dinner will also help in your weight loss struggle.

During the initial consultation we will discuss your cosmetic objectives and set realistic goals. Every patient is temperamentally and physically different, so the procedures are customized to your needs. My team and I will work up a surgical plan based upon which areas of your body weight loss most prominently occurred. For example, if most of a patient’s weight loss occurs in the abdominal area we would schedule an abdominoplasty along with some light liposuction. Rarely do bariatric surgery patients require one cosmetic surgery. In my experience at the Robert Zubowski MD Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Paramus, New Jersey, several staged body lift surgeries are often required; staged surgeries mean that we may do two or more procedures in one session with patient safety the first consideration. Together, with your input, we will prioritize all areas we need to re-sculpt.

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