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Dr. Zubowski Helps Bariatric Surgery Patients to See Themselves Differently

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For many years at the Robert Zubowski MD Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery we’ve helped patients achieve the body they only imagined to be possible. We have among our patients, a unique sub-set of men and women who, having undergone bariatric surgery, have been referred to us by their physicians or find us independently. Though their bodies have undergone significant weight loss they still aren’t entirely happy with the results due to large pockets of loose and unsightly skin.

Ideally, we like to get these patients in for a consultation while they are still progressing towards their post bariatric weight loss so that we can discuss their potential through cosmetic surgery. Let me remind you that each individual’s weight loss is unique and therefore occurs within their specific areas. During their consultation I will advise them to put off any proposed procedures until they have achieved their goal weight and have maintained it for at least six months. Sometimes our conversation helps these already highly motivated individuals to keep focused on their weight loss success.

During our consultation together, we will devise a surgical plan depending on where their loose, hanging and or/excessive skin is most prevalent. Typically, gastric bypass patients’ weight loss centers in the trunk, hips, thighs and stomach areas. In female patients droopy breasts can become a problem. Others reveal significant weight loss in the face and neck area. I think you may begin to understand how important it is to choose an experienced surgeon such as myself who feels completely comfortable performing all of the body lift and tummy tuck surgeries, as well as facelift, necklift and liposuction procedures.

If you are a bariatric surgery patient or an individual who has lost a considerable amount of weight please contact our office manager. She will set up your one-to-one consultation with me. In the meantime you might like to read the following article from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, one of my professional associations, by going to:

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