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Dr. Zubowski Gives Valuable Tips on How to Prepare for Your Plastic Surgery

Getting Ready for Plastic Surgery

August is a great month to get yourself ready for your plastic surgery. With the hot weather and social events winding down, scheduling your procedure for the end of August or the months of September or October are convenient choices for many of our patients.

The first step might seem rather obvious, that of choosing your cosmetic surgeon. You should make sure that your surgeon is board certified or, at the very least, board eligible, which means that he or she has several years in which to become board certified. A board certified surgeon must adhere to the highest standards of medical professionalism and is, in our opinion, an essential requirement for a successful outcome.

Next, on the day of your consultation request a brief tour of the practice to gain a feel for the environmental ambiance, cleanliness, and staff friendliness and efficiency. Give points to a surgeon who has an unhurried manner, answers all of your questions, and lays out all your surgical options, risks, rare complications and what you can expect in the way of pre and post procedure support.

At our center we provide a comprehensive program of surgery instructions and suggestions, including what medications to avoid leading up to your surgery and which ones will help you heal faster. Weeks before your surgery you should fill your prescriptions and have ice packs and a heating pad ready.

We understand that surgery, even for the calmest of individuals, can increase stress, but at the Robert Zubowski MD Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Paramus, NJ, we’ve customized a program to reduce yours, beginning when you walk through our doors.

Our office manager can set up a one-to-one consultation for us, and some time prior to your surgery, you might also like to read this article.

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