Now that it is shorts and swimsuit season, like a lot of women, you’re wondering what can be done about your cellulite so that you can feel comfortable in these clothes.

What causes cellulite?  First, let’s put aside what you may have heard about fat babies growing up to be women with cellulite. But if you are significantly overweight it’s also more likely that your cellulite is more visible. It’s cause lies closer to your genetic inheritance.

Cellulite formation also has to do with the particular structure of female connective tissue that allows chambers or pockets to easily form, trapping fat cells and bulging outwards, while fibrous bands pull the skin down. This juxtaposition produces the dimpled effect we call cellulite. Some men do have cellulite but since their connective tissue is structured differently, it is rare.

So what can we do to address your cellulite? At the Robert Zubowski MD Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, we’re using a laser therapy called Cellulaze™ to treat mild to moderate cellulite. Cellulaze works on the structural bonds under the skin that are responsible for giving so many women cellulite problems. In a single session Cellulaze will stimulate your skin to erase that cottage cheese appearance on your thighs long into the future. Clinical studies show that the treatment is capable of increasing skin thickness by 25 percent, and skin elasticity by 29 percent both of which are desirable to smooth cellulite. Post-treatment some patients may experience temporary minimal side effects such as mild discomfort, bruising, swelling and/or numbness.

While cellulite is a physically harmless condition it impacts aesthetically to diminish an individual’s self-confidence. Once cellulite is formed, nothing short of a treatment intervention will work, although staying away from salt and fatty foods, which can cause fat cells to swell, seems quite sensible.

In the past many modalities, including creams, promised to rid you of cellulite, but few delivered on the promise. They may have helped somewhat, but I believe Cellulaze will give you the results you desire.

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Recently I learned of a new laser treatment called Cellulaze™ and researching it. I was immediately struck by  its results so I went for training and now have incorporated it into my practice.

Cellulaze therapy is a single relatively short session, and your treated areas will continue to improve afterwards during the next months.

Studies indicate that the results typically are evident for about a year, when your treatment should be repeated to maintain your results.

Let me tell you about this exciting laser-based breakthrough that addresses cellulite. It’s called Cellulaze™ attacks the brittle structural bonds beneth the skin tha t are the real cause of cellulite dimpled appearance. It increases skin’s natural depth for a smoother healthier look that lasts