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Dr. Zubowski Confirms What Lots of Women Suspect About Men

While my blogs usually speak to my female patients, it would be a good idea for men to have a look at this one because your secret is out.

Ladies, if you’ve noticed that your shampoos, facial creams, and wrinkle reducing cosmetics are being used up in record time and you don’t understand why, let me suggest a reason. It could be that the man in your life is sharing your supply or at the very least investing in his own armamentarium. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery supports my theory. In 2011 men accounted for 47% of the volume of Health and Beauty products sold.

Trending right now, it seems that men are taking a page from the book of their girlfriends, wives, mothers and daughters. Having seen the impressive results cosmetic procedures can provide, they now want the same for themselves. In a fierce competition to look younger both in the workplace and in photos they post on dating websites, men are experimenting with Botox™ and injectable filler treatments. And, according to an October 17, 2013 article in the Style and Travel column of the Wall Street Journal that cited cosmetic experts in the field, “…doctors who achieve the best results tend to be those who specialize in cosmetic procedures and do them on men and women all day long.” My patients choose me to perform their aesthetic surgeries and procedures because they know as a board-certified plastic surgeon with specialization that spans two decades they are in good hands.

We are living in a time when life and career spans are increasing.  As we know, looking good is only one important component of aging gracefully and so I’d like to call your attention to the role that fish oil supplements may play in disease prevention.  Here’s to your all-around good health!

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