This is a heading 1

This is a heading 2

This is a heading 3

This is a heading 4

This is a heading 5
This is a heading 6

This is paragraph text. This is a link within the paragraph. What color is it when you hover? It could be underlined, or could be made bold. We could even highlight. This is also the time to define the color of visited links, and active links. Active links apply to navigation, “this is the page you are on,” which could be in the top navigation, or within the page as secondary navigation.

  • This is bullet. Is it a different style or size than paragraph text?
  • This is an unordered list, please note the size and style of bullet point, as well as the size of the indent.
  1. This is an ordered list, please note the size and style of the numbers, as well as the size of the indent.
  2. Should this be different that the unordered list?

To quote the great programmer James Halliday, this is a blockquote. How should this look?

This a caption – how should I look?

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