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Surgery for Migraine Headaches New Jersey migraine headache relief

Migraine headaches have many causes. For those suffering with migraine headaches in New Jersey because of compressed or aggravated facial nerves, there may be a surgical treatment. Dr. Gandolfi is an experienced surgeon from the world renowned UCLA Center for Craniofacial Surgery and has helped patients reduce the frequency and severity of migraine headaches. Contact us today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Gandolfi.


Migraine surgery is an effective treatment for patients whose migraines stem from nerve agitation or compression. Nerves around the skull may become compressed by tissue, or rubbed or disturbed by muscle movement. Migraine surgery decompresses the nerve or relieves the agitation. Migraines can result from compressed nerves in different parts of the skull. If the source of the migraine is pressure on nerves found in the forehead, small incisions are placed within the hair line and an endoscope is used to perform the surgery. Some migraines develop from the back or top of the head, which indicates the nerve on the back of the head needs to be freed up. Some migraines result from pressure on nerves found within the septum. The pressure on the nerve can be relieved by performing a septoplasty, a surgery commonly used to correct a deviated septum. Septoplasty may also be performed with a rhinoplasty to correct both form and function. Specialists throughout New Jersey, including Bergen County, and New York refer cases to Dr. Gandolfi and the Zubowski Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery when mastery of both aesthetic and functional surgery is required.


If you suffer from migraines, and have not found an effective treatment, migraine surgery may be right for you. Download this questionnaire to help determine your candidacy for migraine surgery. If according to the questionnaire you may be a good candidate, contact our office today.

Then, the second step is to start logging each migraine according to this migraine log pdf. At least 2 weeks of migraine logging must be done before the initial appointment.

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