Facial Reconstruction

Facial Reconstruction
New Jersey Facial Reconstruction Surgery Options

When facial reconstruction surgery is required, patients consult with craniofacial surgeons like Dr. Brad Gandolfi at the Zubowski Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in New Jersey. Many physicians in New Jersey and New York refer cases to the Zubowski Center when both technical and aesthetic mastery are required. If you have been referred to us, Dr. Gandolfi will work closely with your physician to minimize the impact of treatment on your day-to-day life while maximizing your results. Contact us today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Gandolfi.

Facial Reconstruction Surgeries

Dr. Gandolfi is a craniofacial specialist and provides many treatment options. Some treatments are quick and straightforward, others will require several operations over time. In either case, Dr. Gandolfi will work with you and your needs as a patient. During you consultation you’ll discuss the results you desire, the extensiveness of the treatment and recovery.

The Types of Reconstruction Cases We See:

Facial Fracture Treatment

Any facial injury is cause for concern. Beyond the obvious cosmetic concerns, a facial fracture may impair the function of the respiratory system, the nervous system and the eyes. Surgery can put the bones back in their proper place. Dr. Gandolfi utilizes advanced techniques that minimize both swelling and recovery time.

Cleft Rhinoplasty

Dr. Gandolfi and the Zubowski Center team are well experienced in caring for and working with children. They will work to reduce the impact of treatment on the routines and rhythms of the child’s life. Cleft surgeries are of particular interest to Dr. Gandolfi, who uses his vacation time to operate on children born with cleft lips and palates.

Facial Nerve Palsy

Bone fractures can cause facial nerve palsy in some cases. In these cases, the broken bone is compressing a cranial nerve and may need surgical intervention. Facial nerve palsy may also be managed through nerve grafts and muscle transfers.

Eyelid Reconstruction

Trauma and tumor excision may necessitate eye lid reconstruction. All cases are as unique as the patients’ faces, but flaps and grafts are common techniques for reconstructing the eyelid. The Zubowski Center is often referred skin cancer reconstruction cases by New Jersey and New York oncologists and dermatologists.

Lip Reconstruction

As a plastic surgeon and craniofacial specialist, Dr. Gandolfi is uniquely qualified as a surgeon for the correction of both the form and function of the lips. The importance of the small muscles that allow control pronunciation requires careful attention and training even for treating superficial trauma.

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