Since my earliest days as a board-certified plastic surgeon—more than 25 years ago—I’ve fielded questions from my female patients concerned about their cellulite. Back then, there were not many good options I could offer. Although there were numerous products and procedures on the market such as creams and lotions, external energy treatments, and massage, none of them, despite the manufacturer’s extravagant promises, could provide effective, long-term results.

Today, the picture has changed. A minimally invasive laser procedure called Cellulaze™ that attacks cellulite deep beneath the layers of your skin to produce longer lasting results without the inconvenience of repeated treatments, is available. The single session for most women takes under two hours. Afterwards, my patients typically report that they feel somewhat achy–as though they’ve just completed a good workout at the gym.

If you have cellulite you’re not alone. It’s been documented that over 85 percent of women exhibit some degree of cellulite. While all of them might not represent severe cases, in my practice at the Robert Zubowski MD Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Paramus NJ most women, whether their condition is slightly noticeable or more prominent dimpling, would love to wish their cellulite away.

Cellulaze is not a universal solution. It works best on women who are at or near their target weight with thighs that have mild to moderate cellulite. At the Robert Zubowski MD Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery the procedure takes place in our technically advanced medical suite, SurgiCenter, while you are under local anesthesia. Afterwards, you should plan on taking just a day or two off from your regular activities.

I hope I’ve inspired you to find out whether Cellulaze is right for you. Please contact our office manager if you’d like to set up a consultation, or for further information.