Cleft Rhinoplasty
New Jersey Cleft Rhinoplasty Surgery

Cleft rhinoplasty surgery is offered by Dr. Brad Gandolfi at the Zubowski Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in New Jersey. Dr. Gandolfi is a gifted craniofacial surgeon; the Zubowski Center is often referred facial reconstruction cases from New Jersey and New York physicians when both technical and aesthetic mastery is required. If you have been referred to us, Dr. Gandolfi will work closely with your physician to minimize paperwork while maximizing your results. Contact us today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Gandolfi.

Why Choose Dr. Gandolfi for Cleft Rhinoplasty

Dr. Gandolfi and the Zubowski Center team are well experienced in caring for children. They understand the stress surgery can cause children and work hard to minimize the disruptions to the child’s daily routines. Cleft surgeries are of particular interest to Dr. Gandolfi, who uses his vacation time to travel overseas to operate on children born with cleft lips and palates, who would go untreated otherwise.

Cleft Rhinoplasty Procedures

Occasionally, cleft repairs also require reconstruction of the nose. This can be challenging due to the aesthetic importance of the nose, as well as the functional needs, which is why these types of facial reconstruction cases are referred Dr. Gandolfi and the Zubowski Center. We have experience with both unilateral and bilateral cleft nose repair and reconstruction, as well as purely aesthetic rhinoplasty and functional procedures like septoplasty.

Cleft Rhinoplasty Consultation and Planning

Consultation with Dr. Gandolfi at our Paramus, NJ practice will determine your options and provide more information on the timing of surgeries. Every patient that has a cleft will have some degree of nasal deformity associated with it. Nearly everyone that has a cleft will have improved functional breathing and aesthetic outcomes after a septorhinoplasty. This is done after the patient has reached skeletal maturity.  These patients are best treated by someone that has a background knowledge of cleft care in the past for rhinoplasty, as they are some of the most difficult rhinoplasty procedures.

The majority of patients do not need a procedure on the nevus between the time that there cleft is repaired and the final definitive septorhinoplasty. However, in some cases, if a significant nasal deformity is present, a tip rhinoplasty can be performed around the age of kindergarten.

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