Post Operative Care: Dermabrasion

Post Operative Care: Dermabrasion OINTMENT: In most cases, antibiotic ointment is the only medication applied to the treated area after surgery. Apply it lightly two or three times daily after washing the area with water and patting it dry. POSITION: Keep your head elevated to minimize swelling. DRESSINGS: If a medicated...

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Post Operative Care: Neck Lift

Post Operative Care: Neck Lift AFTER SURGERY DRAINS: If your neck lift is not part of a face lift, we will probably leave your drain in place for 2-4 days. If vacuum tubes provide the suction for the drains, change them whenever the tube fills halfway. If your suction is...

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Post Operative Care: Mommy Makeover

Post Operative Care: Mommy Makeover AFTER SURGERY POSITION: Because abdominoplasty involves removal of the extra abdominal skin and (usually) tightening of the abdominal muscles, you will experience some difficulty standing up straight for a week or two or even longer. During this period, you may find it more comfortable to...

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